ATS have confronted numerous challenges in both the commercial and industrial sectors of electrical service.

Decades of experience facing these challenges have allowed us to collate our knowledge and create unique solutions to solve the problems we know first hand. We strive for excellent service but also long term results – we pride ourselves in being problem solvers! 



With the ability to test from one to hundreds of RCD's - all without plugging directly into the power circuit - Rapid Test makes compliance easy and more time efficient. Rapid Test can also test RCD's on your lighting circuit without the need for an electrician to attend site.

With the unit able to talk wirelessly to a tablet so that all results can be uploaded to the cloud, and a compliance report generated electronically, there is now an easier way to stay compliant with less down time for your staff. Visit the Rapid Test site here or call us to see how it works!




School Guardian allows teachers and students alike to rest easy knowing they can be made safe in seconds from unexpected threats. The abillity of School Guardian to securely lock down a classroom to the whole school via use of a tablet, is unprecedented in delvering safety quickly and efficiently. For more info on School Guardian read on or phone us on 1300 287 000 to discuss. 





Did you know we also provide: 

- RCD Testing

- Testing and Tagging

- Fire Sysetems and Extinguishers

- Exit and Emergency Lighting Inspection and Testing

- Microwave Leakage Testing 

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