10 more tips to save on electricity

Apr 22, 2016



We use more than electrical devices than ever before and with winter approaching, here’s ten more tips to save on electricity (thanks to the Queenslander):


1. Lights off

This will add up over the year and there is really no reason you need to leave the light on in a room when no one is in it.

2. Re-think using your heater / air-con

Do you really need to turn on your heater or air-con, or can you find another way to stay comfortable? Rugging up and putting on extra layers are great ways to keep warm, while open up the windows and doors to encourage airflow is a good way to keep cool.

3. Stand-by is your enemy

Turn off all appliances that you are not using. Over a 12 month period you can decrease your electricity bill by quite a bit by making sure your appliances are turned off at the wall.

4. Replace bulbs

If you haven't already, replace your bulbs with energy efficient ones. This can save you up to $240 annually.

5. Use natural lighting

Open those curtains and blinds up during the day. And re-arrange your furniture so you can capture the most light where you need it.

6. Hang your clothes dry

Re-Think using your clothes dryer. This is one appliance that will cost you big! And use cold water to wash your clothes as well. 

7. Know your peak times

Some electric companies have peak and off-peak times for electricity use. If you can use electricity during the off-peaks time you will save money.

8. Check for drafts

Look for any drafts you may have under doors and around windows, and either repair or replace faulty seals or use a snake or towel to stop those drafts.

9. Buy energy efficient products

Even if they cost a little bit more up-front, they will save you hundreds over their lifetime.

10. Use your microwave

Microwaves can cook food three times faster and can use up to 70% less power than ovens.

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