5 Reasons To Become An Electrician

Jun 24, 2016

5 Reasons To Become An Electrician

In 2016 we’re spoilt with choice, but no one more than today’s kids. As their responsibilities grow so does their need to make decisions, including post school studies and eventually, their career. The path of the electrician has many benefits, including:


1.Practical skills

In a world of university degrees offering everything from surfing to beer making, a great advantage of becoming an electrician is the practical education you receive.  Whether it be TAFE, university or a local community college you will develop the skills you need to apply in the field. Most teachers in trades education are actually professionals themselves and will be able to give real-life examples and lessons to their students.


2. Earn and learn

Although you won’t be rolling in the big bucks just yet, as an apprentice you are essentially earning an income to learn. This is one of the few industries that rewards you for learning!

Most trades require that you complete an apprenticeship program before you become a licensed tradesman. This means that you will need to spend anywhere from one to four years working with and learning from an experienced electrician.


3. Work With Your Hands

The office life isn’t for everyone. Working with your hands may be why you love doing what you’re doing, and may inspire you to achieve goals be it day to day or year to year. Electricians are often on the move and working in different homes and areas. Even electricians who perform electrical work for a single company will likely be woking in different areas from day to day.


4. High Potential Salary

Although a passion is the best reason to pursue a career, the potential earnings of an Electrician is nothing to sneeze at. Electricians who have received further education and have worked in the field for a number of years can reach very high salaries. In fact, some master electricians can make as much as $100,000 per year!


5.Supply and demand      

Having previously mentioned ‘passion’, there’s something to clarify: a passion isn’t always a job, nor will it always pay the bills. All industries thrive on supply and demand of their offerings…..so are there many industries as important in our home and work lives than the electrical industry? Demand will also be high for skilled hands, which puts you in position to strive, if you aim high.


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