BHP Steel Lysaght Relocation Project

Oct 06, 2013


Project Name:  BHP Bluescope Steel Lysaght Relocation Project 

Project Duration:  November - December 2003 (4 week period)


BHP Steel Lysaght operations had been located in Nunawading for 25 years up to March 2003.   Having outgrown the facility, a new purpose built premise with concrete floor suitable for the installation of heavy machinery and equipment was constructed at Lyndhurst. 

ATS were engaged to relocate 17 steel roll forming machines from the Nunawading plant to this new Lyndhurst plant over an incredibly short time frame of 4 weekends - thus ensuring minimal disruption to tight BHP production schedules.

ATS were required to co-ordinate with the Mechanical Engineering firm, AB Downs, to ensure the smooth process of disconnection, transportation and reconnection of machinery. 

Responsible for the electrical disconnection of control cabinets and machinery components for removal purposes, and the reconnection of same at the new Lyndhurst site, ATS provided the planning, supervision, labour, equipment and consumables necessary to carry out and complete the required works.

In excess of 650 photographs were taken of all machines, and comprehensive disconnection plans were made prior to works being commenced.  ATS staff prepared extensive disconnection and reconnection plans for each machine which included colour prints of all photographs and documentation.   These individual machine folders were invaluable for ATS staff to access as required and certainly made the jigsaw puzzle go back together far more easily!

Over the duration of the project, ATS provided BHP with a far superior result by completing agreed additional works over and above the specification

  • Replacement of control cabling due to the configuration of the new site
  • Installation of replacement 37KW VSD on C300 Purlin machine
  • Control wiring modifications to several machines to upgrade machine wiring and functionality

No lost time injuries were recorded during the project and the ATS policy of “test before you touch” proved life saving on more than one occasion.

Given the short time for pre-planning, the relocation was a great success for all concerned, in that the project ran on time, and on budget.

To have turned the site at Lyndhurst from a large empty shed, to a fully functional manufacturing facility, within the space of a month says much about the drive and effort put in by all ATS tradespeople.    This project relied heavily on the skills of all, and as such, the quality achieved on this project is a reflection of the entire ATS team.








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