Top 5 reasons you're not calling an electrician (but should)

May 13, 2016

The top 5 reasons you don’t call an Electrician

(but actually should)


After decades in the industry we’ve met plenty of DIYers. To DIY is a great thing, it gives you a sense of accomplishment…but it applies to certain things in life. Cooking a meal, or assembling that IKEA table. One thing we can safely say is that fixing an unsure electrical problem is certainly not something one should do themselves. You put your home, and life, at risk.


Here are the top five reasons people don’t call an electrician…but should. This may be a handy one to share with friends who enjoy doing things themselves. Don’t let them near that faulty light switch! Today’s motto: call an electrician….


  1. “It’ll save me money”. This is arguably the most common one, but if that is the primary reason you are trying to the job yourself…call an Electrician. Medical costs much more than Electrical! Please don’t risk it.


  1. “I got great advice from the local hardware store”. Beware, this is not professional advice. They are a retailer, and are just trying to help. It’s the equivalent of going to a local pharmacy to discuss a serious medical problem. Ironically we don’t give that a thought because our health is at stake. We see a doctor. You’re about to work with electricity. Health is at stake here too. Call an electrician.


  1. “I saw a video on this”. It’s the YouTube age, no doubt. However, the video of someone successfully completing a job is more easily found than the one that failed and put the person in hospital. Also, are they actually an Electrician? Some show their handy work at home, in casual clothes, so may be a professional themselves. Call an electrician.


  1. “No time to wait, I have to get this done now”. There may not be anything more dangerous than rushing electrical work. It may be a party you’re having in a couple of hours, but that one light can wait until a professional can look at it. Light a candle, use a torch, call an electrician.


  1. “I fixed this at my place, I can fix it at their place too”. Variables change from property to property. If it was something you knew in your heart of hearts you shouldn’t have done yourself in your own home but did anyway, we politely recommend you to not push your luck.  Don’t trust their advice on their own home either, people can be assumptive and/or don’t want to look silly not knowing about their home, so will go along. Don’t go along! Call an Electrician!


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