Holden Limited - Busway Installation

Oct 14, 2013


Project Name:  Engine Dynamometer & Wind Tunnel, 2500 Amp Busway Installation

Project Duration:  2005


Holden’s existing Dynamometer and Wind Tunnel test facilities could not undertakel the required testing on the new V8 engine due to its capacity.  As a result major upgrade works were implemented.

The existing submains to the Engine Dyn and Wind Tunnel Main Distribution Boards were old paper insulated, lead sheathed type cables and well past the end of their service life. 

The intent of this project was to remove and upgrade of these submains, and upgrade the upstream air circuit breakers.  Due to the new current carrying capacity requirements and length of run, busway was specified instead of cable as the preferred submains type.


Works included:-

  • Demolition of existing submains cabling from the Plant 3 main switchboard to the Engine Dyn and Tunnel MDBs.
  • Install new busway from the Plant 3 main switchboard to the Engine Dyn and Wind Tunnel MDBs. 
  • Install one busway to both the Engine Dyn and Wind Tunnel MDBs.
  • Demolish the existing air circuit breakers feeding the Engine Dyn MDB and provide a new unit.
  • Conduct modifications to the Plant 3 main switchboard to accommodate the new ACB.
  • Terminate the busway to the new ACB. 
  • Provide control links from the ACB status contacts to the Dyn MDB Control Cabinet .


OHS Considerations

  • Working above an operational factory created a number of challenges for our team and ATS worked closely with Holden OHS staff.
  • Each 3m length of Busway was 150 kg and A.T.S developed rigging systems that enabled us to work with minimum disturbance to Holden employee’s and allow relatively free access to most areas.
  • Extra training was given to ATS employee’s so they were able to use forklifts & EWP to ensure a safe project.


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