How to save on lighting costs

May 06, 2016

10 ideas to save on lighting costs


1. Avoid multiple fittings
The rule of thumb is quite simple: the more lights you have, the more power you use. Please don’t assume that a number of low watt lights make up for a few high watt lights in savings. 

2. Wattage reduction
No one likes an overlit room. It reminds us of cold environments. Choose bulbs that create the environment and atmosphere you desire. 

3. Install dimmers
Not only can you increase the life of the light bulbs with dimmers, you choose less light when you require. Before buying light bulbs make sure they work with dimmers. 

4. Add more switches 
The more switches you have in an open space lit area, the more control you have over the lighting environment. No need for overlit areas which cost you more money. 

5. Use lamps
My favourite! Lamp lighting is the best lighting for warmth and comfort in a home. It also reduces cost as lower watt bulbs can work well with the right lamp shade. 

6. Go solar
Wherever possible. Particularly beneficial with walkway lights and patios. 

7. Motion detectors
There’s no need for that outdoor light on your front door to be on all night. The impact of a sensor light can be much more powerful in more ways than one, but still keep your costs down. 

8. Be natural
Skylights go a long way in a household and can make the need for light fixtures unnecessary. If you are building a house or apartment, take time to consider positioning the rooms so you receive as much daylight as you desire/require. 

9. Keep lights clean
Dust and dirt gan gather on light bulbs quite easily, preventing up to half the light projection. Best to keep them clean as often as you can. 

10. Turn the lights off
These seems like an obvious one but it can be a habit to leave lights on especially at night, to find your away around if you wake up and need to use the bathroom or kitchen. Why not install or purchase battery powered sensor light indoors? That’s all that’s needed. 


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