Linfox - Fire Detection & Suppression System

Nov 12, 2013


Project Name:  Linfox Head Office - Fire Detection & Suppression System

Project Duration:  2009


ATS was requested to submit a price to JJA Consulting for the installation of the Fire Detection & Suppression System at Linfox’s new head office located in Essendon Fields. 

The Fire Detection System was to monitor the base building and notify the MFB upon a non standard dual detection activation, whilst the Gas Suppression System was designed t0 protect the critical Data Centre.

Novac was chosen as the gas agent due to it’s environmental impact, with detection and activation of the gas suppression system via a combination of smoke detectors and VESDA System.

The Fire Systems were designed to integrate with the following building systems:-

  • Building Automation System
  • Air condition System
  • Security System


Scope of Works

The specification comprised the design, supply and installation of the following:-

  • Smoke and Thermal Detection
  • Fully Addressable Fire Indicator Panels
  • Occupant Warning system
  • VESDA systems
  • Gas Suppression Systems
  • Warning Signage, Sound and Visual Indication
  • Integration with the Sprinkler System
  • Integration with the Mechanical Services
  • Integration with the Security System
  • Integration with the Building BAS (DDC) System
  • MFB connection
  • Project Certification
  • Documentation and Manuals

Project Planning and Management

Working closely with the builder, and within the project timeline constraints, ATS was required to adopt a flexible project plan in resonse to last minute project changes.  Regular attendance at the weekly site planning meetings proved vital.

ATS also worked closely with our preferred suppliers:-

  • Gas suppression systems - ATS engaged Fire Protection Technologies Pty Ltd in the design phase to ensure the best result and minimise co-ordination issues.
  • Fire system equipment – Ampac Pty Ltd was engaged for system support
  • VESDA – Xtralis Pty Ltd were invaluable in clarifying client expectations of the product as specified


Project Challenges

The Linfox project presented several challenges that ATS was able to overcome:

  • ATS's newly appointed leading hand / project supervisor rose to the challenge of managing this complex installation
  • The temporary removal of a major component of the project made the remaining portion of the project unviable, and ATS worked with all parties to enable this major project component to be restored
  • Clarification and detailed discussions with client representatives were required to address the limitations of the originally specified systems
  • VESDA smoke transmission time and Novac Gas and Australian Standard hold times
  • Last minute additions by the client included the addition of extra rooms required to be protected the Gas Suppression System
  • Mechanical plant control of fans for Smoke Management


Project Documentation

  • Designs
  • Calculations
  • Improvements Suggestions
  • Certification
  • As Builts
  • Functional Flow Chart Diagrams
  • Operation Manuals

Despite the specification evolving, the project was completed on time. 

This project was a finalist for a NECA Award of Excellence in 2009.

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