Rain or Shine...

Feb 19, 2016


With our head office based in Melbourne we know a thing or two about unpredictable weather. Today in the middle of February I drove through thunder and rain with a power line creating white sparks just moments after I had driven passed it….but before you assume four seasons/one day is a Melbourne thing, anyone in an Australian capital city knows what it’s like to be caught out by rain when they least expect it.  Here’s a few tips to keep in mind:


                Do not tie any bicycles or motorcycles to electric poles

Do not get near amassed water around electrical installations that may have downed wires nearby. 

Ensure to patch any possible water leaks especially near any outlets – unfortunately this is not a winter job! 


In some of our more remote areas,  particularly within QLD, NSW, VIC, flooding Is a possibility all year round. Although some of the below best applies to flood situations, it’s advised to keep these in mind on those heavy rain days:


If you haven’t turned off your main power switch, do not attempt to turn it off if water has entered the building.

Do not enter flooded basements or buildings that may contain energized electrical wiring or appliances, and do not touch damp walls.

Do not go near or interfere with electrical installations which are submerged or affected by flood water. 


If you are boating in a flooded area, avoid power lines, as the water level may cause the boat to be too close to the wires for safety. It is not advisable to travel by boat at night or when you do not have good vision on the location of power lines. Avoid getting too close to power lines or any electrical installations.

Most importantly, do not return to your home until you know it is safe or have been advised by the authorities that it is safe to do so.

Electricity doesn’t recognise what time of year it is, so common electrical hazards in summer can still occur in winter, and vice versa. Remember to set your own schedule on electrical safety upkeep, and to keep contact details of professionals like ATS on the front of your fridge for those dangerous tasks! 

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