Why times change, and we don't

May 27, 2016



It’s been an interesting year in the world of technology, particularly as it relates to all things electrical. The advancement has been faster than possibly any point in history. Have you ever heard the name ‘Tesla’ more in your life? It seems every week there’s a new article about Tesla or Elon Musk. Now the popular topic is ‘driverless electric cars’, an initiative powered by Google, Uber, and even automotive staples such as Toyota and BMW.

Prius used to be a punchline, but now they’re seen on the roads often. I drove a Prius in the US once, and frankly it was a surreal experience. Literally felt like a big toy car, that moved with the push of a button. That alone is enough for many to not buy – even those environmentally conscious will often choose preference over the earth. That’s fine of course, we’re free to choose whatever we want in life, but it does make for an interesting observation.

We have our reasons for choosing what we want but what’s interesting is even though we’re aware we can make things better for ourselves, or others, by ‘going solar’ or ‘clean energy’ or whatever you’d like to call it, we’re such creatures of habit that we don’t even look at it. This applies to how we run our household too.

It may interest you when you have some free time to do a little browsing on what you may be able to do for your home today. What are some cost cuttings you can make regarding that growing electricity bill? Better yet, what are some power saving techniques?

We’ll be discussing some of these good habits in a few days, so stay tuned! 

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