Willow Ware - 3000 Amp Supply Installation and Conveyor System Upgrade

Nov 12, 2013


Project Name:  Willow Ware Australia - 3000 Amp Power  Supply Installation & Conveyor System Upgrade

Project Duration:  8 weeks (October/November 2010)


Willow initially asked ATS to offer recommendations and quotation for a proposed upgrade of their conveyor system.   During these discussions, it was identified additional power supply would be required to facilitate any converyor upgrade.   An upgrade of the power supply would also require consultation with the Melbourne Airport Authority and the Supply Authority. 

ATS submitted a design and construct proposal that outlined the requirements to facilitate the connection of the upgraded conveyor system and an additional 16 extruders. 

Financing issues caused by the GFC resulted in months of delay.   The client needed to be operational by the first week of December and the project timeline was reduced to just 8 weeks. 

Scope of Project

The works were split in to 2 projects (conducted simultaniously) which included the design, supply and installation of the following:-

  • Supply design, calculations and installation of mains with 3000 Amp capacity
  • Distribution System Design, manufacture and installation consisting of:
    • Main Switchboard
    • Mains from new Kiosk Sub Station (32 x 300mm xlpe – 8 per phase)
    • 2 Distribution Boards
    • Submains from new main switchboard
    • Co-ordination with the Supply Authority
    • Melbourne Airport Authority Approvals


  • Conveyor System Electrical Design
  • Conveyor System Installation
  • Conveyor System PLC programming
  • Project Certification
  • Documentation and Manuals


Project Planning and Management

Working with both the Client and the conveyor manufacturer, ATS maintained the project timeline by adopting a flexible project plan and embracing project changes.
ATS worked closely with suppliers to ensure on time delivery of materials in line with budget requirements.

Project Challenges

The Willow Project had several challenges that were overcome by the ATS team:

  • Extremely short time frame to implement a complex project
  • Dealing with issues that Willow were having obtaining Building Approval with Melbourne Airport Authority
  • Ongoign coordination and communication issues with the Supply Authority
  • 32, 300mm XLPE cables were required to be installed in a very small space, it was impracticable to install in conduits so we suggested a concrete culvert
  • Design changes were required during manufacture of the switchboards as additional loads were added to the specification
  • Works were required to be conducted in an operational production facility at heights
  • Changes to the conveyor layout impacted on the desired process flow and therefore required some PLC programming modifications


Project Documentation

  • Designs
  • Calculations
  • Improvement Suggestions
  • Certification
  • As Built Documentation

The project was completed ON TIME which was a great effort by the ATS team considering unavoidable external delays to the project.


ATS recieved a Certificate of Commendation for this project from NECA at their 2010 Awards of Excellence.

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