World's most unique ways of generating electricity

Feb 19, 2016



Part One

Welcome to Part One of our four part series where we highlight the most unique ways electricity is being generated around the world.  


“Imagine generating power from the kinetic energy produced when players run around the grounds as they play, run, or just when people walk on busy streets and into crowded buildings”



This was the vision of Laurence Kemball-Cook. He took his vision to a reality. 

Africa's first playground lit by means of power generated from footfall kinetic energy. In other words, when players, runners or other people step on the tiles installed on the ground, electricity is generated and it is used to light up the field. It means that the more players hustle for the goals, the brighter the light shines inside the pitch. Floodlights illuminate the football field in Lagos, Nigeria during the night, powered by a combination of electricity that comes from human movements and some solar arrays. The soccer pitch has 100 energy-harnessing tiles located beneath the artificial turf. Kinetic energy generated by people as they step on these tiles is converted to electricity and thus the name 'people-powered pitch'. Courtesy of



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