5 reasons for electrical fires

May 20, 2016

5 REASONS FOR ELECTRICAL FIRES    1.  The most common cause of an electrical fire are faulty outlets that are not maintained. That, combined with faulty appliances that are long past their used by...  More

Five myths of electricity

May 20, 2016

FIVE MYTHS OF ELECTRICITY Myth 1: Wood is a good insulator. How many of us have done the ‘wooden spoon in the toaster’ trick? Wood is actually still a conductor. Not a good one, but a conductor all the same. High...  More

Top 5 reasons you're not calling an electrician (but should)

May 13, 2016

The top 5 reasons you don’t call an Electrician (but actually should)   After decades in the industry we’ve met plenty of DIYers. To DIY is a great thing, it gives you a sense of...  More

How to save on lighting costs

May 06, 2016

10 ideas to save on lighting costs   1. Avoid multiple fittings The rule of thumb is quite simple: the more lights you have, the more power you use. Please don’t assume that a number of low watt lights make up for a...  More

10 more tips to save on electricity

Apr 22, 2016

TEN MORE TIPS TO SAVE ON ELECTRICITY   We use more than electrical devices than ever before and with winter approaching, here’s ten more tips to save on electricity (thanks to the Queenslander ):  ...  More

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